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Limited time special we are offering

Basic turf care package that includes:

  • All fertilizer applications for the year
  • Pre-emergent plus fertilizer application for Fescue turf (Spring Season)
  • High nitrogen fertilizer application for Fescue turf. (Spring Season)
  • No Fertilizer during the summer
  • Fall Starter Fertilizer Application
  • Winter Fertilizer application
  • 4 Fertilizer application for the year.

Fall Aeration service includes over seed of top quality blue tag Fescue seed, as well as lime bare. Areas will have a light cover of wheat straw scattered on these areas to aid in moister barrier to help the seed germinate, with additional seed added.

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Broadleaf Herbicide applications through the year to rid the Turf of broadleaf weeds

Grassy Weed Herbicide application

1 liquid application of Herbicide to the turf to help prevent unwanted insects from damaging
the turf

1 Granular insecticide treatment to the turf for grub control and other insect control.

Billed Monthly at 68.50 per for 10,000 square feet of turf space or less
If the turf areas are larger than 10,000 square feet we can develop a package specifically for your turf.
If you have turf other than Fescue we can provide a package for that as well.


February Special Pre-emergent one-time Application $75.95

One time broad leaf spray of the entire turf to get rid of the Hensbit, chick weed, clover, and other pesky broad leaf weeds in the lawn. $65.00

10% discount on any new landscape project. must have agreement Signed between February 15 2017 March 15 2017 for this discount to apply to any
landscape project.